Tradition Meets Technology

With years of experience both on staff at large state fairs and events and as consultants to fairs and events of all sizes,  we bring a unique skill set, understanding and passion for our clients' success. We love this industry and believe it is a pillar of American culture. 


In their earliest of days, fairs were the center of commerce and agriculture. Hundreds of years later, we believe the focus of the fair is the same. Today, we mix the best of technology with the heritage of tradition in a way that celebrates our history and positions our industry well for the future.

Fairs, festivals and events bring together all types of people in an environment of celebration. At Main Gate Marketing, we partner with our event clients to understand their market, customer groups, event and goals. We then work together to maximize our opportunities through grass roots, engagement and value added that garners the most organic meaningful connections and overall best results.

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