Cutting through the noise of advertising and connecting with customers means understanding who your customer groups are and what motivates them. Creating targeted messages that give your prospects and patrons reasons to attend means increased attendance and revenue.

At Main Gate Marketing, we partner with you to create campaigns that represent your event's personality, attract attendees, provide added value and maximize the budget. Developing integrated components that all work together deliver the highest reach and frequency with the most bang for the buck.

Low Cost, High Value

Creative Campaign Development (includes tagline,

visual direction and promotion ideas)                                  $1500

Creative Campaign Production (includes two

print ads, one radio script, one TV script,

one Web ad banner  (assets provided)                                 $3,000

Add Ons:

Television Production (current fair footage)                        $2,500

Television Production (shoot, edit)                                       $4,500

Logo Design                                                                               $500

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