Whether it's preparing press releases, conducting interviews, determining event access or finessing the fine art of follow-up, your goal should be to  be a good partner to the media.

Understanding what they want and need and making it easy for them to get it is key in developing a good relationship with the media.

Knowing what to say and how to say it during interviews are important elements in how your story is told and received.

We can help. Writing, speaking or even training, the Main Gate Marketing team is ready to help you be front and center in the press.

Low Cost, High Value

Press release development (up to 5)                                      $750

Media Interview Training - half day (on site)                          $800

Add Ons:

Talking Point Development   (4 areas)                                    $600

Crisis Plan Development                                                        $1500

PR Policies and Procedures Handbook  (internal)                 $500

On Grounds Media Policies and Access Plan                         $500

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